Tarot guidance for January 19th-23rd

Lately you might be feeling as though you are at a crossroad in your life stuck between anxiety, fear, and the feeling of being torn between all the choices you have in front of you. You, as a person, must be true to who you are and how you feel about a situation. Take the time to analyze every angle and ask yourself  “Is this something I can live with in truth?”. If you cannot answer this with a promising response than you know what you have to do. There is passion, power and truth that must be rekindled into your being if you expect to come to a conclusion about your situation. Try and look at things from a different perspective before going forth with a decision these next couple of day. When you expect the worst in a situation all you do is hold yourself back from making progression in your life. It’s vital to look at every angle of the situation because every action you take in life can alter the outcome in significant ways.

Best wishes,

Casey Gaylor 

~For entertainment purposes only~


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