Tarot Advice Feb 26th – March 1st

You may experience some conflict in the workplace, with friends or loved ones. Things might feel overwhelming and you need to take time for yourself to rejuvenate your being. You can’t expect to face any challenging goals with only a quarter of yourself available. Think about what you have been trying to manifest in your life and know that you are receiving the things you worked so hard to acquire. Forgiveness in all forms is necessary at this time whether it be forgiving yourself or others. Learn all there is to know about a situation and know that any work you have invested will result in a positive outcome. Things will improve while moving forward in your favor. Relax and know that life has a wonderful way of working in your favor when you look to the future with optimism and an open heart for positive change. Let your guard down, have faith in yourself and the future.

 (You may be experiencing a lot of legal activity at this time as well as public gatherings or social events)


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