The Movement and the Prejudice Elitist


I have come across a series called “The Path”. My first thoughts on this particular series was very apprehensive and inconclusive as it was quite the prejudice series. One thing that I wouldn’t preach in my “Movement” is excluding those that do not abide or believe in that which I believe. It is rather arrogant to think others are below you because they do not believe what you do. Respect is key in my book and if someone has a different way of living their life I surely do not judge them or let alone outcast them from my presence. That is just absurd if you ask my personal opinion. What is the right path? I mean, come on man, there is no right path but that which a person chooses. There is a saying I like to go by that goes along the lines of “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” In other words, do what you will for it will be the right path for you at this time. I never got the whole judgemental religious kick people tend to gravitate towards. Don’t get me wrong, “The Path” is a great show but there are so many elements of judgement that it makes me sick to my stomach. I have learned a great deal from this show and I can say I recommend it for people who are oblivious to the metaphysical but if you are beyond the collective consciousness then I wouldn’t recommend it. It is merely a catalyst to that which a person can relate to.


acceptance in the human psyche is the greatest thing a person can experience as it creates a response in the reward receptors throughout the brain.Love yourself and everything around you for those moments are the ones that count the most.





4 thoughts on “The Movement and the Prejudice Elitist

  1. Interesting thoughts and site you have here. Thank you so much for the follow. If I could offer one small piece of advice, think of us ‘olds’ when you post. We generally need a bigger size font for ease of reading 🙂


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