To Love or Not to be Loved, That is the Question.

Often when we experience obstacles in life, we shut down our feelings and compartmentalize them and ourselves. Healing is done by moving into and through our emotions. This continual process of acknowledging and owning our feelings allows us to become whole again. Infusing love into those fragmented spaces acts like a glue to pull us […]

via Love All of your Fragments — unfiltered from the heart


Yes, love is the biggest act anyone can commit towards a person or themselves. Whether it be romantic or friendly. Love can be a curse, a blessing and an extremely complicated thing to endure but love is that which can hold all facets of a person together in the toughest of times. When you don’t love yourself you cannot love any other more than you love yourself or even equal to how you feel about yourself and no one deserves that kind of imbalance. Most people will never love themselves the way they should and It is a shame to live your life in such a way. I’m not one to preach as I have faults of my own and sometimes I dislike myself more than I should but I can assure you that the world would be a better place if people loved themselves. Love should be the foundation to everything you do in life but most of the time it is hatred, desperation and fear. We live in a society that is driven by fear. Fear of losing your house, fear of not having enough money, fear of not making work deadlines. It’s a sad and unfortunate thing we have to live through but I can assure you that life Isn’t always this way. Let go and let live. Do not live based on anything other than love as love is universal.


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