You Live by What You Manifest

You have all the tools for balance and stability in your life to create a new beginning. There are a lot of things in your favor right now but you just have to believe that you have this ability. Take time for yourself and rest, celebrate and reflect your life on how far you have come before you proceed. There may be some things that are clouding your judgement and keeping the activity in your life unbalance but you definitely are able to restore this as time goes on and create the perfect stability that you are able to create. Do not let immature thinking create the outcome that you do not desire and cause imbalance. Think before you throw your swords for they will not land on justified grounds if you do so. There is so much positive energy flowing that you have to keep from overwhelming yourself with the energy that is being recieved…Energy is a constant feeling that cannot be measured to humans beyond that. So whenever there is an abundance of it, it will be biased of good or bad. Emotions run deep in your life and you may let that which you have lost in life get the most of you but you have to remember that you are the one who runs the show in your life and what you will is what you create. So do not let the negatives overwhelm you in life and create the good in which you envision life to be. This is something you must remember, you can manifest negative situations in life just as fast as you can positive. The wheel turns regardless of whether you feel in control or not, are you going to let it overrule you or are you going to lead the wheel? It is your choice and yours only.


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